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General Material

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Specific Material: Introductory Reading

There is a bewildering literature on NGOs and social activism. The following texts are recommended as a starting point.

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Animal Rights

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Political participation and apathy

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The Electoral Commission are prolific publishers of material regarding political engagement in Britain. Titles include:

Hansard Society & Electoral Commission An Audit of Political Engagement - Full Report, PDF document (24 Mar 2004); vol. 2 (March 2005) ; vol. 3 (December 2005) & vol. 4 (19 Sep 2008);

Electoral Commission Social Exclusion and Political Engagement November 2005 (available online)

Electoral Commission Election 2005: Engaging the Public in Great Britain December 2005 (available online)

Electoral Commission Election 2005: Turnout: How Many, Who and Why? October 2005 (available online)

Information regarding UK public attitudes to institutions can be found in the World Values Survey and the European Social Survey.

Information regarding UK public attitudes to institutions can be found in the World Values Survey and the European Social Survey.

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Globalisation and International Civil Society

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New Internationalist magazine is a consistent and vocal opponent of the neo-liberal economic facets of globalisation. Specific examples can be found in: No. 374 (2004) 'The Free Trade Game'; No. 365 (2004) 'IMF/World Bank'; No. 355 (2003) 'Privatisation'.

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Shelter's website contains a bookshop of up-to-date publications on housing and homelessness.


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International Development

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights

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Sexual Politics in Britain (microforms published by Primary Source Microfilm - click on the link for more information)

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Peace Movements

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